Juan Carlos Muñoz Navarro

Artistic director and physical clown

Juan Carlos

Muñoz Navarro

Artistic director and physical clown

Juan Carlos Muñoz Navarro
With more than 25 years of professional experience, Juan Carlos has performed as a clown on big stages around the world. He was part of the cast of Cirque du Soleil's "TOTEM" (2013) , "MESSI10" (2022), Roncalli´s Apollo Variete (2023) and shared the stage with Russian clowns from the "Licedei" theater, among others.

Throughout his career, he received several awards, such as "Best actor" at the "Comediada" festival, organized by the director of "Maski Show", a famous tv-show of the former Soviet Union. He received a TOTO award at the famous circus festival "Elephant d`Or" in Figueras and he was a first clown who received a bronze at "Kobzov´s Golden Trick" festival in Ukraine.

Juan Carlos has an extensive experience at stage/artistic direction and wide experience of protagonist performance in different shows, assisted by more than 20,000 people per show and 1,500,000 spectators in a 2-month season during 2017.

He has been creative director of corporate events for "FOX TV", "Sonrisa Médica", Government of Catalunya, "ASPAPEL" company, among others.

He is a director of various acts presented at "Got Talent Spain". Also is the creator of "Volare Music Hall" with the participation of the legendary musical band Gipsy Kings. Throughout his career, he directed numerous acts for stars of the traditional European circus.
Error and failure are the main components of success
Juan Carlos Muñoz Navarro

Here you will find the articles that talk about the work of Juan Carlos as an actor, creator, director and artistic trainer.
"RP-ONLINE" - Apollo-Varieté feiert „Fiesta Mexicana"
"In addition to the spectacular artistry, it is also the humor that creates the special flair of the Düsseldorf "Fiesta Mexicana. This is what Juan Carlos stands for, without words, with wonderful gestures and facial expressions, he awakens memories of Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin and Mr. Bean"
"VerPOTTet" - Fiesta Mexicana im Apollo Varieté
"Baltabarin alias Juan Carlos was a master of awkwardness and yet a master of entertainment."
"REISEMEHRWERT" - Roncalli's Apollo Varieté
"As a comedian of the old school, he has mastered the great art of pantomime. Without saying a word, he made the audience laugh with grimaces and gestures alone, while his clumsy attempts to imitate the tricks of his colleagues regularly failed."
"The Clinic" - The first Chilean clown of Cirque du Soleil
"Since he discovered that the key to making people laugh was in error, he let the troubled boy who had his childhood, so traumatised, to escape and achieve the success .."
"Liza UA" - Kobzov's Golden Trick
The winners of the 5th international festival of circus art "Kobzov's Golden Trick" have been announced. "Kobzov's Bronze Trick" was awarded to: Juan Carlos Muñoz Navarro.
"La Vanguardia" - Cirkuz Land , a combination of gastronomy and circus in Born (Barcelona)
"From the point of view of the show, the classical circus merges with the futuristic and avant-garde ... The hydraulic bar, unique in Barcelona, also stands out and becomes the stage at the peak of the night. "
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